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The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server is an open source, platform-independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to rid the planet of the blight of unsolicited email (UCE). UCE must be stopped at the SMTP server. Anti-spam tools must be adaptive to new spam and customized for each site’s mail patterns. This free, easy-to-use tool works with any mail transport and achieves these goals requiring no operator intervention after the initial setup phase.

ASSP is here thanks to the following people, please feel free to donate to support the ASSP project.

John Hanna the founder and developer of ASSP's first versions.
Fritz Borgstedt(†  5/2014)/Thomas Eckardt : 1.1.0 - 1.9.9 Donate via Paypal
Thomas Eckardt : ASSP V2 Pro since 2.0.0 Donate via Paypal
Special thanks to......

   John Calvi
   Przemek Czerkas
   Robert Orso
   Nigel Barling
   Mark Pizzolato
   Craig Schmitt
   J.R. Oldroyd


   Wim Borghs, Doug Traylor, Lars Troen, Marco Tomasi,    Andrew Macpherson, Marco Michelino, Matti Haack, Pascal Dreissen, Dave Emory

Special thanks go to the main sponsors of this project:

   several features sponsored by ITprime Services GmbH (Marco Rauchenstein)

   feature 'AUTHrequireTLS' sponsored by (Nigel Kukard)

   ISP mode setup sponsored by DuoCircle LLC (Masood Rahim)

   compressed attachment handling in is sponsored by the International Bridge, Inc. and the Devonshire Networking Group (Peter Hinman)

   setup without localDomains sponsored by AllWorldIT (Nigel Kukard)

Please donate, if you use the OVA download link.